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Release 0.5.2

September 19, 2023 release

Release 0.5.1

May 10, 2023 release

Release 0.5.0

March 10, 2023 release

Release 0.5.0 RC1

March 05, 2023 release candidate

Time for a new release. 0.5.0 RC1 is available to try out. To upgrade your OqtaDrive to the latest release candidate, enter this URL into the Source field in the Config tab of the web UI, then click Upgrade:


To revert to the latest official release, leave the Source field empty and click Upgrade.

The new features in 0.5.0 are:


  • extended file system implementation, now also includes write functionality; all code that’s writing to cartridges was refactored to use the file system implementation
  • upgrades: arduino-cli 0.29.0, AVR core 1.8.6, Go 1.20.0
  • moved landing page and install images to oqtadrive.org
  • documentation updates

Daemon / oqtactl

  • support for directly loading QDOS Zip archives
  • support for renaming & quick formatting of cartridges; available form web UI & command line
  • manual page on control cartridges; this gets added when a control cartridge is formatted
  • cartridge type also shown in drive list in client control

Web UI

  • more detailed drive list, improved design, indicate control cartridges, status change optimizations
  • improved design for search result list
  • indicate repo re-index & software upgrade progress, prevent concurrent invocation
  • drop down menu for choosing upgrade source
  • wait dialog to ZXDB search
  • misc. fixes

Release 0.4.3

January 15, 2023 release


September 07, 2022 release

Older releases are removed here, but can still be seen on the releases page

Vintage Computing Festival Berlin

October 21, 2021 event

  • OqtaDrive was at VCFB