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All Your Cartridges at Your Fingertips

You can store your collection of cartridges and snapshots in a so-called repo on the daemon host. This is essentially just a designated folder where you place them. When set up, you can instruct the daemon to directly load files from this repo, rather than uploading them. This feature really shines when you use it with the standalone configuration (see build section) - all your Spectrum and QL cartridge images ready to load in one little box. To make maintenance of your collection more convenient, the repo folder is shared via WebDAV, so you can conveniently mount it from Linux, MacOS, and Windows, but you can also manage it from within the web UI.

Searching Through the Repo

OqtaDrive lets you search through the names of the files in the repo, from the command line and the web UI. For quick search results, in particular incremental search in the web UI, the daemon automatically maintains an index of the file names, keeping track of any file changes (addition, removal, rename, move). So searching through a collection with even thousands of files is quick.

Search Terms

Here are the rules for searching and search terms. By default whole words in the file name are matched:

Use * for globbing:

To use regular expressions, enclose the term in forward slashes:

More details here

Searching Online in ZXDB

The web UI as well as the command line also allow you to search the online ZXDB. This type of search is not using any of your local data. It is purely done at the server side at zxinfo.dk. In the web UI, the search results are presented in the same result list as if searching in your local repo. When selecting an item from the list, the title is retrieved from the corresponding download site.