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How Do I…

Here’s a collection of pointers to instruction pages, for quick reference.

Set Up a Standalone OqtaDrive

With RaspberryPi, BananaPi, or Linino One.

Set Up OqtaDrive on a Linux Desktop

This is explained here.

Control OqtaDrive from my ZX Spectrum or QL

Check out client control.

Change WiFi on Standalone OqtaDrive

When away from your home WiFi, you can change the WiFi setting of a standalone OqtaDrive from your Spectrum and QL using client control mentioned above. It will also let you display the new IP address and even a QR code for connecting to the web UI. Alternatively, you can use your phone as a WiFi hotspot with the same SSID as your home network.

Set Up a Cartridge Repository

If you’ve installed via one of the prepared images, the repo is already set up. If you need to manually activate it, see here.

Remotely Manage the Files in the Cartridge Repository

This is explained here.


Can I Use the Web UI On My Smartphone & Tablet?

Yes. The web UI can be used on mobile devices. It has actually been designed with a smartphone in mind, as OqtaDrive’s remote control.

Why Two Boards?

Not necessarily. The Linino One based standalone (see build section) uses just a single board. Unfortunately, it is somewhat dated and no longer in production. There are no recent boards that combine a micro-controller for real time capabilities with a general purpose CPU for connectivity. So until something new comes up, most setups will use an Arduino plus RaspberryPi Zero or BananaPi. A discussion of the design criteria for OqtaDrive explains the motivation for the split into adapter and daemon.


Does OqtaDrive Work With My Spectrum?

Any Spectrum with Interface 1 that can use an original Microdrive can also use OqtaDrive. There are currently no known incompatibilities.

Does OqtaDrive Work With My QL?

A wide range of hardware configurations and extensions exists for the QL, so there may be situations in which OqtaDrive is not fully compatible. However, as long as your QL can work with original Microdrives, it can also work with OqtaDrive. There is currently only one known incompatibility due to a factory fault found on some QLs (details here).

Does OqtaDrive Work With vMap?

No. For a QL with a vMap installed, the drives managed by OqtaDrive work but may appear in the wrong position.