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Support of the Sinclair Network is a new feature that is currently being implemented and will be released soon. By connecting one of the network ports of your Interface 1 or QL with OqtaDrive, you will be able to communicate over the Internet with other Spectrums and QLs anywhere in the world. All the commands using the Sinclair Network can be used transparently over this connection, just as if the other stations were connected directly to your machine. No modifications to your Spectrum or QL are necessary, and no additional software is required. So you could simply do SAVE *"n";24 on your Spectrum for example, and have a friend do LOAD *"n";18 to transfer your current BASIC program to them. As a first application making use of network support, a group chat program will be provided.

Documentation for this feature can be found here. It will evolve as the implementation progresses.